UCC Bio Research

The BioSciences Institute is composed of a number of constituent parts and collaborations drawn from all the Life-Science faculties at UCC, including Medicine, Anatomy, Food Science, Biochemistry and Biotechnology. The building accommodates state-of-theart core facilities such as an Advanced Microscopy Unit, MALDI-TOF (mass spectrometry) and Flow Cytometry Facility. The design centralises core technologies and expertise, and provides an ideal environment for cross-fertilisation of ideas, thereby enhancing the development of large-scale interdisciplinary research, including participation in international collaborative research programmes. Each floor accommodates a specific research department and is organised into a zone of offices along the east façade and laboratories on the west side of the facility. The glazed west façade serving the laboratories has been designed to form an integrated part of the building’s passive ventilation system. The development also accommodates a small restaurant facility for University wide usage and takes advantage of the sloping site to provide car-parking in a naturally ventilated semi-basement.



Client: University College Cork
Total floor area: 6,920 sq.m.
Contract value: €34.5 million
Status: Completed April 2002

The Directors, Staff and Consultants of MÓLA Architecture worked on this project while in Murray Ó Laoire Architects