The exciting new office headquarters for CNP Santander (Ireland) is located at Three Park Place on Hatch Street. This state-of-the-art facility boasts multiple meeting rooms and phone booths, a collaboration zone, hydration station, café, and an adaptable all-hands area. Noteworthy in the office are the various bespoke joinery solutions seamlessly integrated throughout, contributing to welcoming and truly distinctive interiors. The design incorporates lush foliage integrated into the joinery, providing a green touch, while open-plan areas are adorned with strategically placed plants, offering both aesthetics and enhanced circulation routes.

The finishes throughout the headquarters exude warmth, inviting a timeless and contemporary atmosphere. The secluded, calm, and comfortable environment, coupled with an airy and rich interior, creates a space that is both dynamic and accommodating. We believe this design will significantly elevate the working experience for the Santander team. Wishing Santander continued growth and seamless adaptation to their inspiring new workplace environment.



Architect: Mola Architecture
Client: CNP Santander
M&E: Varmings
Contractor: Ardmac
Fire Consultant: MSA
Acoustic Consultant: AWN
Area: 488m2
Value: undisclosed
Start Date: August 2022