Diving Bell

“And now suddenly, it’s Dublin’s newest museum – a miniature one, to be sure, but packing more fascination per square metre than most of the others.” Frank Mc Nally, An Irishman’s Diary, Irish Times 4/09/2015. The Dublin Diving Bell project, is a small, but important, essay, in how architects, engineers, artists and scientists can contribute to celebrating and communicating an often forgotten, but significant chapter in the evolution of Ireland, Dublin City and Dublin Port, while enhancing the public realm .



Client: Dublin Port Company
Project Size: 36m2 internal area 159m2 Landscaping works; Combined Area 195m2
Project Value: €489,081 (ex vat)
Project Duration: (April 2013-June 2016)
Works on site: February-June 2015
Project Location: Sir John Rogersons Quay Dublin 2