Confidential Internet Services Provider

In 2013, MOLA and IA were engaged by this confidential internet services provider to design their largest EMEA site in Europe. The facility houses over 600 software development engineers from just about every country in EMEA.  In 10,500 square meters over 5 floors, the building incorporates a full complement of facilities including reception and guest meeting rooms, workspace, secure testing laboratories, staff meeting and training rooms, and recreational/breakout areas. A central atrium brings light and air into interior spaces while serving as a visual connector and reference point from the basement to the top floor. Desking is entirely open plan. The open workspace is supported by a large complement of flex rooms designed for multi-purpose use and readily available as team rooms or quiet rooms for heads down work. An open ceiling exposing carefully coordinated services provides visual interest while enhancing ceiling height and sense of space.



Client: Confidential Internet Services Provider
Floor Area: 10,500sqm
Commencement on Site: Commenced Phase 1 on Site January 2014
Status: Completed phase 3 July 2015