In November 2010 MÓLA Architecture was invited to enter an urban design competition for the Municipality of Nan’an District in Chongqing, China. The site comprises 1.5 sq.km of light industrial uses which are planned to be relocated to a new business district on the edge of the city. The site is part of a larger 9 sq.km city centre location that will be upgraded and renewed to include a more diverse mix of uses adjacent to the existing central business district. The site, like Chongqing, benefits from a dramatic site topography and has over 60metres of a drop in level across its 500m width down to the river Yangtze. The existing road network and infrastructure on the site is well established and has good landscaping along its edges. Our proposals achieved better connections to the district centre and river front whilst providing new commercial, residential and civic uses on the site. The competition design was based on ‘10 Big Ideas’ ranging from providing a new rail link to the site, creating better street/road connections across the site, reuse of existing industrial buildings for cultural and civic uses, to the creation of a new University Gateway project and series of green parks. The proposal also sought to provide a sustainable district heat and power network for the site. Having won the competition we are now developing a full master plan and control plan for the site. We will be working closely with the Nan’an Municipal Development Company and local partners.



Client: Municipality of Nan’an District in Chongqing
Site area: 1.5 sq.km