Carton Houses (2006-2007)

A key ingredient in the success of the Carton Demesne hotel resort is the range of residential accommodation, including Demesne Residences, Golf and Conference Villas adjoining the Hotel. The design of these units provides open plan living and efficient use of space within the existing footprint and massing. Additional features include the provi¬sion of accommodation in the roof spaces and basements are provided in detached units, for additional storage. The houses, comprising 4-bed detached, 4-bed semi-detached and 6-bed detached dwellings, were constructed using a timber frame system, with a blockwork external leaf. The design and detail of the exteriors feature contemporary detailing using aluminium flashing at eaves, overhanging roofs, timber cladding and timber windows and doors. Large glazed areas to the living spaces and bedrooms create an inside outside connection, allowing full advantage to be taken of the views to the water and golf course. The houses are carefully sited within the historic woodlands to minimise disturbance to the existing landscape.



Client: Carton Demesne Ltd
Size (phase 1): 33 villas
Value (phase 1): €20 million
Size (phase 2): 49 villas
Value (phase 2): €29.5 million
Size (phase 3): 33 villas
Value (phase 3): €20 million