Carton Hotel Health Spa and Pool (2003-2006)

This Spa was developed as part of the €82.5 mil¬lion restoration of the historic Carton House and it’s transformation into a world-class hotel and resort. Comprising a Spa, Treatment Rooms and Pool, the facility is designed to offer a distinct and individu¬al experience, independent of the hotel. The design approach was to create a series of sequential, tactile spaces that takes visitors on an uplifting and sensual journey and is character¬ised by the quality and stimulating nature of the materials used. Kohler vessel sinks and brassware are wrapped by the dark Emprador marble which is a very luxurious stone veined in creams and golds. The walls are tiled in a rich chocolate brown porcelain tile. In contrast with the cool grey tones of the basalt tile rich purple and gold glass mosaic tiles highlight zones around the sinks in the changing areas. The facilities include an 18m pool; jacuzzi; children’s pool; sauna; steam room; relaxation room; luxurious changing facili¬ties; juice bar; precor cardiovascular equipment; precor strength equipment; walking trails and two outdoor tennis courts.



Client: Consortium, including Carton Demesne Ltd
Value: Included within overall €82.5 million hotel project