Belvedere College S.J.

The Dargan Moloney Building forms the corner where Temple Street meets Great Denmark Street. Its accommodation is designed to enclose a central an atrium, introducing both daylight and natural ventilation deep within the building. It is Phase 4 in the realisation of the MOLA Master Plan for Belvedere College.

The new ground floor dovetails into earlier phases of works, becoming the main entrance to the school. A large multi-functional area acts as a refectory during the day and at evening time transforms into the theatre foyer space.

Contrasting levels and directions of daylight ensure that the character of the space is visually dynamic and appealing. Computing facilities and a large lecture theatre occupy the first floor.

Science laboratories are sited on second and third floors, and at roof-level an external laboratory area and a greenhouse are provided to facilitate botanical and biological experimentation.

The redbrick façade and orthogonal massing of the building defer to the Georgian context, yet the expression is that of a contemporary building.



Client: Belvedere College S.J.

The Directors, Staff and Consultants of MÓLA Architecture worked on this project while in Murray Ó Laoire Architects