Adamstown Square 2 and 3 represent MÓLA’s involvement in the ‘Irish Residential Development of the Year 2007’. The project is a mixed residential scheme and comprise of c.700 new residential units as a mix of townhouses, duplexes and apartments in close proximity to the new district and commercial centre and train station in the new town of Adamstown.

A unique setting of squares, courtyards and gardens defined by well landscaped streets, roads and lanes, the scheme represents the best in urban design and contemporary living. A concerted effort has been made in the design to make the street as much for the pedestrian and cyclist as the motorist with the majority of car parking spaces being provided in semi-basement areas and under well landscaped decks. As such the streets will be uncluttered with cars and will provide a high quality pedestrian zone with child friendly areas. The arrangement of townhouse and duplex units has been carefully considered to make streets to protect private green spaces behind.

Five distinct urban blocks have been created within Adamstown Square each with its own individual character and mix. All residential units will be dual aspect and will have bright, spacious interiors and over look landscaped gardens. A variety of split level units are provided in New York loft style with very high ceilings to living spaces. All ground floor residential units will have the benefit of dual access with raised stepped entrances off the main streets similar to the streetscapes of Georgian Dublin with additional private garden access off the central courtyards and gardens.

This openness is also reflected in the plans where interconnected kitchen, dining, living areas span the full depth of the block providing uniquely bright and spacious residential units. The elevations while contemporary in nature also reflect the best historical examples of residential living. The typical Georgian terrace of Dublin that is so simple in its elevational treatment but rich in scale and form is replicated in the simple rhythm of the brick terraced facades facing the main streets. Uniformity of material and use of a simple palette of materials creates calm, simple elevations that will stand the test of time and help create a strong sense of place.

A sense of place is also instilled through the preservation of existing mature oaks while a strong landscaping approach to street edges and courtyards creates a very green environment. Wide footpaths with a green boulevard link Adamstown Square to the main district centre and community facilities, including schools, crèches, sports buildings, shops and offices, within a minutes walk. The Directors, Staff and Consultants of MÓLA Architecture worked on this project while in Murray Ó Laoire Architects



Client: Castlethorn Construction
Contract size: c.700 Residential Units